We already have a strategic plan, Building a Better Brockton. Why is there a need for an action plan?

    Back in 2013, the people and businesses of Brockton did a lot of excellent work to define what’s important to us. Many of the goals within the four pillars of our Sustainable Strategic Plan, Building a Better Brockton are as relevant now as they were then. We’re not going to reinvent the wheel. We still want to expand Brockton’s economy, preserve our heritage, support our cultural and leisure activities, and help people to live safe and healthy lives in an affordable community. However, much has changed since 2013, and it’s time to re-evaluate our priorities. We also want to create an action plan with concrete, measurable objectives within a defined timeframe. While COVID-19 is the obvious example of change in our community, we’re also seeing new challenges in the labour market, a real estate boom, an aging population, and newcomers looking to exit the city and put down roots in a welcoming community such as ours. We have also seen a turnover in our municipal organization with many staff members moving on to enjoy retirement. This presents an opportunity for us to review how we can continue to deliver highquality services efficiently, and perhaps re-focus our efforts given the changing economy and demographics. It’s time to take stock of both the accomplishments and setbacks our community has seen, and to anticipate the challenges and opportunities going forward.

    How are we going to create the action plan? Will stakeholders be involved?

    Absolutely! We’ll need not just the Municipality but also our businesses, the agriculture community, industry and developers, our community organizations, and Brockton residents of all ages to give us their workable ideas and to help us implement them in the future. Our resources and our authority as a municipality are limited, so our Action Plan has to help us set priorities and be honest about what we can get done, and how and when. It will be a series of clear practical actions that will yield measurable results, and will be based on community input through surveys, focus groups, and an interactive web page, Build Your Brockton, where residents can provide feedback and get involved.

    The Municipality is hiring a consultant, Bill Winegard of Winegard Municipal Consulting, to assist in the process. Why is this, and who will be making the final decisions?

    Bill Winegard has worked with councils and staff in 17 small municipalities on strategic plans, including several in Grey and Wellington counties. He will help us get this plan in place as soon as possible. Final approval will rest with Council and staff, but we will benefit from Mr. Winegard’s time, experience and expertise. His familiarity with small municipalities such as ours gives him an impartial view that will help ensure a practical result.

    What’s your timeline for this project?

    We plan to start community consultations very soon, starting with surveys, then focus groups, and finally a report to Council by early spring. Council expects to adopt the 2021-2025 Action Plan by this summer.

    How can I get involved and learn more?

    To participate in the process and offer feedback, visit our community engagement site, Build Your Brockton. If you would like to review the current our strategic plan, Building a Better Brockton, visit our Strategic Action Plan 2025 webpage

    Survey’s will be widely communicated and made available to ensure we reach all areas of Brockton and allow residents the opportunity to participate.