The Opening of 7 Restaurants

We love dining outdoors and with covid this wasn't possible at times. So why not create our own dining restaurants.

We had so much fun with this project that we are going to do it again this summer.

We had 7 different areas on our property, both outdoors and indoors that we could chose where to dine at. My husband Robert and I took turns cooking and the menu was always a surprise.

2 of the restaurants were fine dining so we even dressed for the occassion/theme of the restaurants. The other 5 were more casual.

This was so much fun planning and preparing and even trying out new recipes.

To envision some of our restaurants we had one called Gazebo Grub in an outdoor gazebo. Another one called The Tuscany was in our RV. Porch Pairings was out front on our porch. We even enjoyed naming our little restaurants.

Hopefully this inspires others to do something you are passionate about this summer. It's all the little things.

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